• Acoustic guitars

    Different types of acoustic guitars (with different shapes and dimensions to satisfy every guitarist’s needs) can be found in the catalogue. From little OM guitars (used for finger-style) to big D-12 (used for the flat-picking), to the 000 and the MJ. I use only very selected materials: different woods for the top, the back, the …

  • Archtop guitars

    The main feature of these types of guitars is a violin-style arched top and back, each carved to shape from a block of wood. For the back and the sides maple wood is used, for the top spruce wood is used.

  • Electric guitars and basses

    I make customised electric guitars and basses that meet the guitarist’s aesthetic and functional needs. I only use first quality woods and materials to make first quality hand-made tailored instruments.

  • Custom

    I can work on an existing guitar or bass  to get out of it the best instrument for your functional and aesthetic needs.

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